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Clearance SALE all must go discount up to 90% !!

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MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble Foam Colour Hair Dye (Deep)


Sold out!


A vivid colour that reduces the burden of damage!

Smooth hair with more vivid colours and secret magic oil

No more stinking dye!

Dye happily with a fragrant floral bouquet scent.

It is a self-dyeing hair cream that can be easily done 

by yourself without stain with rich and soft bubble foam dye.

****Hello Bubble minimise Hair Damage for dying hair colour *****

[ How to use ]

Step 1: Prepare the solution. Mix 1st and 2nd solution into the bottle and shake gently.

Step 2: Apply to hair evenly. 

Step 3: Wait for 20-30 minutes.

Step 4: Wash Off with water.

After 20-30 minutes, rinse well with lukewarm water, wash it thoroughly 

with soap or shampoo, and at the end rinse with warm water until clean.  

The capacity of dye cream is depend on the amount of hair. 

[ What’s in the box ]

– Solution 1 – 30g of hair dye (liquid type for vivid color)

– Solution 2 – 60g oxidizer (upgraded bubble container to make it easier for mixing)

– Secret magic oil (to soften your hair)

How to use 


Use this first to lighten up your hair

and we recommend you to use the colour dye after at least 1 day so that your hair can rest a little bit.

[ Product Ingredients ]

– 1st :  Purified water, Ethanolamine, PEG-8, Recorcinol, Cysteine HCL,

         Disodium EDTA.

– 2nd : Purified water, Hydrogenic Peroxide, Fragrance, Phosphoric Acid,   

          Sodium Benzoate.

– 3rd : Refined water , Raspberry, Lavender Water, Jeju Canola Extract Water, 

         Citric Acid.